I was a bad teenage babysitter

If you’re a Lovecraft eZine patron on Patreon, you can listen to me talk about my experience watching a TV show that had a tremendous influence on me – GHOSTWATCH.

Here’s what Mike Davis had to say about the episode:

🎧 Listen to our GHOSTWATCH discussion: https://patreon.com/posts/79406029

🎬 Halloween night, 1992. A Saturday. That evening, a faux documentary aired on BBC1. Though it was clearly labeled as a drama, the style and actors involved caused many to believe that everything that was happening was real.

🎬 Writer Emma Gibbon (https://bit.ly/podcast-emma-gibbon) is a Patreon, and she suggested this Patreon Podcast episode. I watched it again recently myself. It holds up and I really enjoyed it.

🎬 BUT… hearing Emma describe the actual experience of being 16, babysitting several younger brothers and sisters as they all watched GHOSTWATCH, was truly amazing!

🍁 Enjoy.

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