Blood Forest is Unleashed!

Today is the day! BLOOD FOREST is unleashed (get it?) on the world. Visit Langeley, Maine, where Frank and Eva discover that the creatures in the woods are not the only monsters they have to worry about.

Available to listen for FREE. New episodes every week (Blood Forest stands alone so you don’t have to watch the first season of Undertow—although you totally should)

Starring Jack Falahee and Bree Klauser, created for Realm by Fred Greenhalgh, Marco Palmieri, Shawn French, Bob LeBlanc, Morgan Sylvia, and me!

Special Announcement – Blood Forest!

So I’ve had to be pretty quiet about what I have been working on recently. I can finally announce that I was part of the writing team, along with Fred Greenhalgh, Marco Palmieri, Morgan Sylvia, Shawn French and Bob LeBlanc behind Blood Forest, a new horror podcast series coming to Realm. Here is the trailer. The first episode drops TOMORROW on most places where you find podcasts—just search for Undertow: Blood Forest.

Maine’s just lousy with werewolves, turns out.

Happy birthday D.B.C.F.T.F!

Dark Blood Comes from the Feet is two years old today! Time sure does fly when you’re in a never-ending pandemic. A huge thank you to everyone who has read and enjoyed it over the last two years. If you’d like to read a book that “harrowingly captures the erratic pulse of today’s strange world, a place in which the known and the unknown can’t seem to make peace” (Heller, NPR) then you can find it at all the usual places!

I just re-read the review from NPR, and I will never get over this happening: