Rhysling-eligible poems 2019

SFPA members, please consider nominating me for this year’s Rhysling Award! The following poems are eligible:

Long Poem Category

Fune-RL (first published in Strange Horizons, July 15, 2019)

Consumption (first published in Eye to the Telescope, July 2019)

Short Poem Category

Minotaur (first published in Liminality, Autumn 2019)

Lightbulbs (first published in Liminality, Winter 2019)

Like to read them all together? Here is my 2019 Rhysling Packet:

Emma J Gibbon Rhysling-eligible poems 2019

This packet is offered solely to SFPA members as a courtesy, and no infringement on the first publication or web rights purchased by my publishers is intended.

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