Happy birthday D.B.C.F.T.F!

Dark Blood Comes from the Feet is two years old today! Time sure does fly when you’re in a never-ending pandemic. A huge thank you to everyone who has read and enjoyed it over the last two years. If you’d like to read a book that “harrowingly captures the erratic pulse of today’s strange world, a place in which the known and the unknown can’t seem to make peace” (Heller, NPR) then you can find it at all the usual places!

I just re-read the review from NPR, and I will never get over this happening:

13 Haunted Houses now available for preorder!

The pre-order for the special edition hardcover of 13 HAUNTED HOUSES (featuring my story “Home, Safe and Sound”) is live! Edited by Curtis M. Lawson & Joe Morey.

Look at this table of contents! Featuring:

Ramsey Campbell

James Chambers

Evans Light

Sara Tantlinger

Jason Parent

Emma J. Gibbon

Simon Clark

Tony Richards

Douglas Wynne

Sarah Read

Tim Curran

Richard Gavin

Philip Fracassi